What sleep cycle.

by Naomi

One look out the window, and we knew we had to head out. Tel aviv is great at night, and even better past midnight. The streets are never dead and those that are empty are kept alive by the astonishing street lighting we have come to notice over the last two months here, wherever we go. The skies play their own tricks with light and intrigue us every other week with a magnificent display of well composed cloud cover and eerie senses of multi-hued depth. We were fooled into believing summer would be here. But we weren’t alone. The rest of Israel longs for the long overdue heat and are teased everyday with the blazing sunshine in the afternoon that soon unmasks its cold cruel self. The beaches are showing their own signs of rebelliousness as you’ll soon see.


We headed to Jaffa, the oldest part of Tel-aviv and an ancient port city in Israel. Its beauty and distinct uniqueness from the rest of the city draws its many lovers to it in their free time. Always bustling, always radiating its many hues of light, we found a relaxing turkish cafe and lounged there for hours drinking fruity glasses of yumminess and marveling at the candied mist. Felix showed up unannounced not much long after, and starving from his surprise attack, we roamed the streets of Jaffa until we found our favorite Shawarma place as he devoured an entire footlong meat-fest in less than five minutes. The lanes and by-lanes are a sight. Here are some pictures to illustrate the vibe of what can only truly be experienced in the flesh. Happy youngsters too busy in their own conversations and reunions create the clinking of glass and hum that goes on deep into the night.

IMG_7885 IMG_7873 IMG_7870

Felix, Karen, Noopur and I settled into one of the innumerable bars and cafes that lined more than one street. You could walk on and take as many turns and wouldn’t be disappointed. Live piano and acoustics from here and there make this place surreal and ideal for a shoot. Damn this designer thinking. Toasts all around. And some dainty cauliflower mezze with pita. Mmm.


The night was still alive. And despite it being way past midnight the beach of Jaffa called out to us, even on this cold, cold night. On the way, we happend to stumble upon a large, and very random art exhibition. What a treat it was. It was just about to close, and it seemed like we missed a great party as the remnants of food and drink cups lined the floor. And a large drum-set of course, smack in the middle of the entire thing.


Here are some of the many art works of the exhibit. One of the craziest Ive seen (for free) in a while!

IMG_7837 IMG_7836

This tea set.

IMG_7866 IMG_7867

This large pacifier made of cigarette buds. So deep.

IMG_7863 IMG_7862

As the journey continued, we finally reached the beach. Freezing, we stared at the deep black of the night as the white waves foamed and crashed on the shore. A lot of shells strewn about.


And in my poor vision of what seemed like a plastic bag, Felix joked that my plastic bag in the distance was a super large jelly fish. Not much of a joke.

IMG_7960 IMG_7959

To all of our sheer surprise, it was a HUGE JELLYFISH. THE EXCITEMENT. Really though, this huge!? Such luck. It felt as blubbery as it looked. I couldn’t place the texture or the feeling. But that wasn’t all. As we walked on after coming to terms with our discovery, we found two more smaller jelly-fish. This was the beach’s revenge for the cold month of March. Killing unsuspecting jellyfish, poor souls. Karen mustered all she could to send willy back into the sea, but we knew it didn’t help much.


That expression though.


We got off the sand, and walked along Israel’s thoughtfully consistent beach walkway, as Felix attempted (once again) to climb every monument, statue or sculpture we encountered. Running through the lawn, making all the noise in the world and violating every rule that was anyway gibberish on the signboards, we made it back to center Tel aviv on foot. It helps that Israel is a strip.


Much posing. Such lighting.

IMG_7992 IMG_7999 IMG_8010 IMG_8008 IMG_8015 IMG_8032 IMG_8025 IMG_8038 IMG_8043 IMG_8085 IMG_8101

Every other half-kilometer, you will find public work out areas for joggers who jog along the coast. Its such fun, really helpful and surprisingly well oiled.

IMG_8087 IMG_8064 IMG_8073

One of those very well spent nights that continues to support spontaneity as a great thing, we took it all in and owned the small part of Tel aviv that was just ours for the night (morning), without a care in the world or work on our minds. Please visit Israel.